Program Placement & Level Assignment

At Discovery Gymnastics, we offer various Competitive Programs. Each program is designed for a specific age group and level.

Advanced Recreational (8-12 y.o.) Class Ratio – 8:1

The Advanced Recreational program is designed for children who desire to learn more challenging skills than offered in the recreational program.  This is a non-competitive program and the children will not be going to competitions.  Ofter these children have gymnastics experience from the Recreational Gymnastics Program. The Advanced Recreational program can be used as a stepping stone to progress into the Interclub Stream, practicing for 2 hours once (or twice) a week.

Demo Program (5-7 y.o.) Class Ratio – 8:1

The demo program is designed to identify and train those athletes who appear to have potential to compete at a competitive level. All children must be tested by the coach in order to be accepted into this program. Athletes in this program train 3-6 hours/week. The demo program is a stepping stone for our pre-competitive program and Interclub. Training in the demo program focuses on flexibility, strength, coordination, and the basic skill development required for competitive gymnastics. Athletes in this program do not yet attend external competitions.

Pre-Competitive Program (7-8 y.o.) Class Ratio – 8:1

The Pre-Competitive program is designed to identify and train those children who appear to possess the appropriate physical and psychological qualities necessary to participate in the sport at a competitive level. Often these girls have been introduced to gymnastics through Discovery’s Demo Program. Pre-Competitive gymnasts train from 9 to 12 hours per week and work towards competing at either the Interclub or Provincial level by the age of 9. The focus of the Pre-Competitive Program is on elementary body and apparatus technique which also includes some dance preparation. In the course of the year, the gymnasts will be given the opportunity to participate at Invitational Gymnastics meets as determined by the coach regarding the individual gymnast’s readiness. These events introduce the gymnasts to the format and feeling of competitive meets in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere.

Interclub Program (7-18 y.o.) Class Ratio – 8:1

The Interclub Program is designed to train those children who possess the appropriate physical and psychological qualities necessary to participate in the sport on a competitive level. This program is offered to children between the ages of 7 to 18 years.  Children enter this program from the pre-competitive or the advanced recreational program.  Interclub gymnasts train between 6 and 12 hours per week. Interclub athletes compete as level 2, 3 or 4. The focus of this program is to develop skills required for competition.  Interclub gymnasts will be learning new skills, to be presented in routines that will be utilized in competitions against other clubs.  The gymnast’s participation in a competition will be determined by the coach and will depend on the athlete’s readiness.  These competitions are invitationals and they are meant to provide the gymnast with the ability to compete in a fun atmosphere, there is NO pressure, except to “try your best.”

Provincial & National Competitive Programs (9-18 y.o.) Class Ratio – 8:1

The Provincial level gymnastics requires a unique range of physical and psychological qualities.  Only a limited number of children have the desire and aptitude to undertake the type of training regime required to attain success at this competitive level.  Provincial and National Gymnasts may train from 16 to 25 hours per week, to be determined by the level and age of the gymnast. In the past we have had much success from the gymnasts who have shown sincere commitment to the program.  Success comes when athletes have the aptitude, the desire and the discipline to undertake the intense training regime required. Training in the competitive program focuses on physical conditioning, technical preparation of the body and training with the apparatus, dance preparation and psychological preparation.  Each child will learn routines specific to their level.   These gymnasts will enter a minimum of 5 competitions/season including qualifiers, invitationals, and Championships. 

For times and prices of our Competitive Team Programs, please contact the office: (416) 638-3033. Evaluations are required before being placed on a competitive team. All competitive programs require a 1 year commitment (including summer).

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