How to register for any recreational program?

Our year is divided into four terms: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Consequently, there are four general registration periods, generally each starting at least few months before the start of the term. Registration can be done in person, or electronically.

For more details, please see “Schedule & Registration”

Do I register for each session separately, or for the whole year?

It is completely your choice whether you wish to register for one session at a time for the whole year (September – June). Please note that if you choose to register for the whole year you will be eligible to receive 10% discount (please see club policies for more details). However should you choose to register one session at a time, it is your responsibility to reregister during registration period as early as possible as spaces are not held for current members.

How to dress for recreational classes and camps?

It is essential that all of our participants are dressed appropriately. All are encouraged to wear our club t-shirt, shorts/tights/track pants (no zippers or buttons) or a body suit.
Long hair must be tied back and not jewellery. Absolutely NO SHOES permitted on the premises of the gym, including the lounge and sitting area for parent!

What are the class ratios?

In most of our programs, the ratios are kept 1:10, only for Kindergym Program (ages 3-5), the ratio is 1:6.

How to I get additional discounts?

We offer special deals and discounts all around the year. We have many classes that are discounted for certain programs. As well, we offer savings for big families and for families who stay with us for the entire season. You may check our page regularly to find out about ways to have extra savings: or call us at the office: 416 638 3033.

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